Two states, one state, no state

Search TagX on Google View all posts tagged as Tagx Find TagX related info in WikiPedia The Palestinians already have a country of their own. It is Jordan, more than 70 percent of whose population is Palestinian. By Moshe Arens While greeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the White House steps, President Donald Trump stunned […]

How submarines are purchased in Israel

Hopefully, the investigation into the submarine affair will make it clear how a government-to government arrangement between Israel and Germany developed into a business connection involving agents and commissions. By Moshe Arens The process of acquiring submarines from the shipyards in Kiel for the Israeli navy began during the first Gulf War. The West-German government […]

Who is responsible for the tragedy surrounding Amona?

It certainly was not the policemen who were simply following orders to raze the homes of the settlers. By Moshe Arens The intolerable behavior of the hoodlums who took over the Amona synagogue and viciously attacked the police tended to obscure the tragedy of the 42 families who were uprooted from their homes. They had […]

Israel’s inhumane and stupid Bedouin policy

The government’s years of neglect – more like criminal negligence – must be followed by greater investment, less force and the creation of a better education system for the community. By Moshe Arens The destruction of the homes of the Bedouin families at Umm al-Hiran this month was an inhuman act. They had been living […]

Home demolitions, from Gush Katif to Umm al-Hiran

The Knesset should consider a law barring the demolition of homes occupied by families for many years and requiring compensation. By Moshe Arens Just connect the dots, from the destruction of the homes of the settlers in Gush Katif more than 11 years ago to the destruction of the homes of the Bedouin in Umm […]

Can a Palestinian truck-rammer be deterred?

When a radical Islamist thinks he hears a command from Allah that he should kill a Jew or a Christian, this command overrides all other considerations. By Moshe Arens Amira Hass wrote in Haaretz last week that the Palestinian terrorist Fadi al-Qanbar who drove his truck into a crowd of soldiers in Jerusalem could not […]

Obama’s tragic Mideast legacy

The president’s refusal to veto the latest anti-Israel resolution in the UN will only further obstruct the direct talks that can advance the peace process. By Moshe Arens For over four years Bashar Assad was incapable of putting down the rebellion against his regime. The most brutal methods including chemical warfare and targeting civilians were […]

Sitting in judgment on Israel

The latest UN Security Council resolution is hardly proof of the ‘world’s’ support for anti-Israeli views. By Moshe Arens Fifteen representatives of the world’s nations sat in judgment on Israel at the United Nations Security Council. Fourteen found Israel guilty of establishing illegal settlements and obstructing the peace process with the Palestinians. One, the United […]

Obama broke it, Trump will fix it: It’s time to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

What happened at the UN was anything but Obama ensuring a smooth transition for Trump By Moshe Arens On Friday Barack Obama broke a long-standing American tradition of vetoing resolutions critical of Israel at the UN Security Council. He also deviated from what had become accepted practice in the U.S. – that in his last […]

Deter Hezbollah – or preempt it?

Israel can’t put 8 million people underground if Hezbollah utilizes its rocket arsenal. But both deterrence and preemptive strikes as strategies pose highly difficult problems By Moshe Arens When Joseph Shapira, the state comptroller, presented his report on the state of civil defense two weeks ago it should have surprised no one. The damning report […]

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