The real threat to Israel: Hezbollah and Iran – not the Palestinian stalemate

Search TagX on Google View all posts tagged as Tagx Find TagX related info in WikiPedia Mossad’s former chief said not solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will end Israel as we know it. But the facts on the ground say otherwise. By Moshe Arens The conference at Netanya Academic College last week in memory of Meir […]

After the U.S. reassesed its North Korea policy, who’s next?

Trump’s White House has evidently reassessed American policy regarding North Korea. But it’s not the only country governed by a ‘crazy’ regime. By Moshe Arens Rex Tillerson, the new U.S. secretary of state, referred to North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile program during to his visit to Seoul last week, saying that his country’s “policy […]

Israel must lower its electoral threshold and empower moderate Arab voices

After the threshold was raised three years ago, Arab parties were compelled to form a united list in which the more extreme parties, although smaller, have assumed the dominant role. By Moshe Arens The electoral threshold permitting a party to be represented in the Knesset should be lowered. I can already hear some of my […]

For the next Gaza war, Israel must seek permanent quiet in the south

Regardless of whether the 2014 Gaza operation a success or failure, the next time around whatever needs to be done will have to done in days, not weeks. By Moshe Arens The state comptroller’s report provides a great deal of information on the decision-making process during Operation Protective Edge, the 2014 Gaza war. Although there […]

Israel Police add insult to injury by blaming the Bedouin victim

The false ISIS accusation against Yakub Abu al-Kiyan compounded the first injury: the destruction of the homes of Bedouin families who had been living at one site for many years. By Moshe Arens Gilad Erdan, the public security minister, announced that an apology would be issued if the Justice Ministry’s investigators determined that Yakub Abu […]

Two states, one state, no state

The Palestinians already have a country of their own. It is Jordan, more than 70 percent of whose population is Palestinian. By Moshe Arens While greeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the White House steps, President Donald Trump stunned the world when, referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he declared: “I can live with a two- […]

How submarines are purchased in Israel

Hopefully, the investigation into the submarine affair will make it clear how a government-to government arrangement between Israel and Germany developed into a business connection involving agents and commissions. By Moshe Arens The process of acquiring submarines from the shipyards in Kiel for the Israeli navy began during the first Gulf War. The West-German government […]

Who is responsible for the tragedy surrounding Amona?

It certainly was not the policemen who were simply following orders to raze the homes of the settlers. By Moshe Arens The intolerable behavior of the hoodlums who took over the Amona synagogue and viciously attacked the police tended to obscure the tragedy of the 42 families who were uprooted from their homes. They had […]

Israel’s inhumane and stupid Bedouin policy

The government’s years of neglect – more like criminal negligence – must be followed by greater investment, less force and the creation of a better education system for the community. By Moshe Arens The destruction of the homes of the Bedouin families at Umm al-Hiran this month was an inhuman act. They had been living […]

Home demolitions, from Gush Katif to Umm al-Hiran

The Knesset should consider a law barring the demolition of homes occupied by families for many years and requiring compensation. By Moshe Arens Just connect the dots, from the destruction of the homes of the settlers in Gush Katif more than 11 years ago to the destruction of the homes of the Bedouin in Umm […]

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